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Book Illustrations

Examples of map illustations commissioned by authors and / or publishers.


A few samples from "Made in Britain" by Adrian Sykes, published by Adelphi, 2012

the making of the scots              

The Making of the Scots                The Making of the English             Colonial Africa                             The Spanish Armada



The Black Plague                         The Battle of Trafalgar                   The Niger River                            The Battle of Waterloo


A few samples form "The Congess of Vienna and it's legacy" by Mark Jarrett, published by I.B. Tauris, 2013


Europe in 1812                             The Partitions of Poland                The Frontiers of France


Various other samples

Glasgow City Centre                      Tahiti (Gaelic version)                       London St James's

Fort Publishing                              The Gaelic Books Council                   Fort Publishing

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